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09 Feb 2010

If you earn for your living through the disability benefit or to say, through the monetary assistance provided by the Department of Social Security then you may have very well been acquainted with the financial obstacles that arises in your day to day life. It is true that you will not have to worry about your basic needs mainly like for your food and shelter, but apart from that there are several other things too that you need in life. So, for the fulfilment of all such needs, either big or small, the loans for people on disability benefits have been pout into action.

One can sue the loans amount provided in these loans for disabled for great many purposes and can live a tension-free and happy life. A few of such things that get easy for you to be solved include:

  • Buying a used or a brand new car
  • Paying off medical treatment bills
  • arranging your wedding
  • repaying all previous debts
  • planning a holiday tour or
  • supporting your child's further studies

You must have been thinking that any of such purposes will need lot many bucks and how can these loans for disabled help you out! Yes, these loans can and for that secured and unsecured, two loan forms are being implemented. People with home or any other real estate can apply for the secured loans and obtain a bigger amount as loan. The rate of interest in it is pretty supportive and also the repayment term too is longer. For drawing the loan amount one will just have to place his home or anything that is valuable as security.

However, for obtaining the unsecured loans, no collateral is required and a little bit of higher interest rate will be charged on the borrowers. A small but supportive and ideal amount will be provided to you as loan.    

The loans for people on disability benefits are for all kinds of borrowers irrespective of any credit score. If your score is low then also you will not be deprived of the loan amount. Late payment, defaults, arrears, CCJs or skipping of instalments are a few of all those bad credit records through which one can avail these loans.


The loans for people on disability benefits are open for all kind of credit holders and for both home-owners and non home-owners.

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