Terms and Conditions

Loans For Disabled has mentioned some terms and conditions in this page. Individuals including the visitors and applicants are requested to read the terms and conditions before taking any decision. Our terms and conditions are as follows:

  • The entire site loansfordisabled.co.uk comes under copyright act. We do not support the activities like modifying, reproducing or republishing various documents. The site should not be used in any illegal purpose. Loans For Disabled enjoys the right of taking proper action against such cases.
  • The information that we mention in the site is mainly common information given for highlighting on the common features of various loans. These details should not be taken as an alternative of experts’ advice. In case, if you take any decision only based on our information, Loans For Disabled won’t be responsible for that.
  • Links of other sites are there, at loansfordisabled.co.uk. These links are never checked or verified by the experts. So, it is not our responsibility if any damage occurs while browsing those links.
  • Before accessing our site, make sure that your computer is protected with proper anti-virus software. Our site may contain virus, which can damage your computer while accessing the site. So, make sure that you have installed proper anti virus software.    
  • We except all applicants must mention complete and accurate details. In case of any inaccurate or incomplete details, you have the right to cancel the application.

We can change these terms and conditions without any prior notice. So, we are requested to everyone to be aware of any such change in the site.

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