Monetary Support for Disabled Persons

25 August 2009

Facing difficulty to meet financial requirements due to your disability? Do not able to find ways to get rid of such severe monetary crisis situation? With the growing competition in the financial market now there are provisions available for the physically challenged disabled people to take out a loan for their fiscal needs and desires. Loans For Disabled especially carved out loans for such people so that they can easily conquer their financial necessities without any hurdle.

However loans for disabled are given to the physically challenged people on a certain condition. The only eligibility is that the applicants must be getting benefits under Department of Social Security. The DSS benefit means that these people avail a certain amount of monetary assistance from the government.

Loans for disabled are based on the DSS benefit. Before approving your loan application the lenders will also check out your bank account if there is adequate saving. Usually, the account should have at least £500 as saving to satisfy the lender about your repayment capability. With the help of these loans you can borrow an amount within a range of £30 to £1000. However, you are suggested to borrow a sufficient amount as per your need as these loans carry a bit higher interest rates due to their short term nature of finances.

Loans for Disabled will be provided you these loans without any credit check formality. So, those having bad credit records due to defaults like CCJ, IVA, missed payments, bankruptcy etc can approach these loans.


Loans for disabled are an ideal financial solution for the physically challenged people to cope with their financial needs and desires on time without any inconvenience. The financial assistance from these loans is given on the basis of DSS benefit.

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