Loans for borrowers people on DSS for extra cash

14 May 2013

Physically challenged or disabled people face many challenges in their life. Most of them are economically unproductive and unable to lead a life as that of others.

They find it difficult to procure cash for their essential expenses. They desire to work but because of their physical incapacity they are unable to do many of the available jobs.

Entrepreneurs and other job givers hesitate to absorb them into any of the jobs in their organization thinking that such people are economically a liability.

Often disabled people’s invincible mental power and readiness for hard work are not recognized and they are put at the mercy of the social security scheme.

They live on the benefits of the department of social security and whatever they get from there is inadequate to meet all of their requirements.

Thanks to their incapacity to earn like others, disabled people fail to obtain financial assistance from lenders.

Loans for people on DSS come to them as a helping hand as it brings cash on easy terms for meeting their inevitable expenses.

People on DSS need not take much effort to avail this loan. They need to file an online application with their personal details and they will within hours hear from the lenders regarding the loan approval. Within a couple of days the applicants will get the amount transferred to their bank account.

The borrowers need not pay any application or processing fee. They need not give any collateral security or additional documents against the loan amount.

Borrowers are free to utilize the amount for any purpose as they decide and the lenders do not stipulate any condition.

Bad credit people can also avail loans for people on DSS.

The lenders assure that the borrowers’ personal details are safeguarded against leakage or misuse.

Loan amount is decided by the lenders considering the factors like repayment ability, present need etc. The lender gives a flexible period depending up on the ability of the borrower to repay.

Lenders claim that they give the loan on lower interest rate. But the borrower should ascertain whether the rate is affordable to him/her or not.


Loans for people on DSS are helpful to find extra cash for meeting the inevitable expenses of people who live on the department of social security. However it is better to ascertain the interest rate and ensure that it is affordable.

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