Disability Loans with Easy Procedure

5 November 2012

You are able to meet your basic personal needs like regular medical bills, purchase of various commodities, payment of electricity bill and telephone bill etc. with the grant you are receiving from DSS. But, apart from these normal expenses if there is any additional expense you find it extremely difficult to manage the same in the absence of a regular income. Your disability does not allow you to work and earn.

However when someone in the family is hospitalized or you have to undertake a long travel that is unavoidable etc. you require a substantial amount as extra cash. Since the requirement is very urgent you have to arrange the cash within a short notice. If you apply for traditional loans that will take a few days or weeks to get sanctioned and also there are cumbersome formalities. The best option for you is to avail loans for people on DSS. These are easy and quick cash loans specially constituted to provide timely financial relief in the easiest way to disabled people like you.

You can avail any amount as loan if you are able to repay the same. These are unsecured loans so that you are not insisted to pledge your property as security to the loan amount. Flexible terms of repayment are also offered by the lenders according to your convenience and capacity. Interest is charged over the loan at comparatively lower rate.

You must be 18 years old and must be a recipient of DSS benefits for their past 6 months in order to avail these loans. Applicants must have checking accounts in a bank.

Your credit status is not a matter of concern while applying for loans for people on DSS. The lenders are willing to sanction loans for all the pplicants irrespective of their credit rating. Hence they do not opt for credit checking. As a result you can easily avail the loans in spite of your bad credit like late payments, foreclosures, litigations, arrears and pending dues etc.

You can apply online for these loans. There is no difficult paperwork or tedious formalities. All that you need to do is to fill up a single online form either from your home or from elsewhere. There is no application fee. Your application is processed on the same day and the loans are sanctioned immediately. The amount is credited into your account and you can have the same for any of your purposes.


Disabled individuals are able to meet unanticipated expenses by way of availing loans for people on DSS. These loans are collateral-free and even those with bad credit also can avail the loans without any constraint.

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